the great Outdoors

A life spent in nature is a good life indeed. I explore and document my days, both home where i have placed my roots and away on the road. Inspired by a life on the coast i like to watch the light change and dance over the textures and shapes in wild solitude or in the crowds of the city. Alongside water sports photography with the energy the laughs, the frustrations and the satisfactions i'm interested in capturing moments around the sports in the landscapes we interact in and the people we interact with. I'm always looking for the next adventure i look forward to connecting with you in the future.

Travailler ensemble

apprendre, grandir, créer.

I enjoy my one on one sessions with clients where we can meet and discuss your needs. Whether you're looking for good personal content for your blogs and social media. Or you wish to see your performance to learn and progress through technical analysis. Get in touch today and lets shoot.

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